Landex - Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence

Landex - Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence

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Landex Events
20th November 2019
Apprenticeships CPD Event

28th November 2019
Animal Management Lecturers CPD Event

29/30 November 2019
Middle Managers Block 1~Systems, funding and the mixed economy of the land based sector

December 2019
Heads of Agriculture and Farm Managers CPD Event

06 December 2019
Residential Services Manager CPD

23rd January 2020
Capacity and Delivery Fund & T Level Development CPD Event

17/18 January 2020
Middle Managers Block 2~Leading a Land based sector

26th February 2020
Floristry CPD Event

March 2019
Health and Safety Managers CPD Event

20/21 March 2020
Middle Managers Block 3~Curriculum and quality in Land based education

24th March 2020
Vet Nursing CPD Event

31st March 2020
Arboriculture and Forestry Lecturers CPD Event

06-07 May 2020
Landex Annual Conference 2020

June 2020
Quality Directors CPD Event

26/27 June 2020
Middle Managers Block 4~Working with and in the Land based sector

16/17 October 2020
Middle Managers Block 5~Student Support in the Land based sector

04/05 December 2020
Middle Managers Block 6~Change management and the future of the Land based education sector

Landex - Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence.

For details of individual Colleges please visit the
Membership page.

Landex – ‘Land Based Colleges & Universities Aspiring to Excellence’ is a subscriber organisation with 38 member Colleges and Universities in England and 3 Members in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To qualify for membership the provider must deliver significant volumes of education and training in land based occupational areas.

Landex was formed in 2006 from its predecessor organisation, Napaeo, which was founded in 1950, and represented the interests of land based Colleges and the industries they served during a period of continuous change and development.

Land Based Occupational Areas

Agriculture Crops and Livestock
Animal Care
Environmental Conservation
Game and Wildlife Management
Land Based Engineering
Production and Amenity Horticulture
Professions Allied to Veterinary Trade
Trees and Timber


All our members will be:

  • Recognised by their learners and stakeholders as providing high quality cost-effective land based (Agri-Food, Land and Animal Sciences) education, training and professional development.
  • Valued by their communities and employers for their contribution to the sustainability of businesses, the well-being of society and the prosperity of rural economies.


Land Based Learning Ltd

Established in 2013, LBL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landex and is a company limited by guarantee. LBL provides a wide range of teaching and learning materials to support the delivery of land based courses, which are available only to subscribing members. These are available in pdf format, but an increasing number of interactive learning materials are also available to subscribing members. In addition, LBL hosts a range of open-access materials that have been developed by third parties or using grant funding.

Land Based Assessment (LBAL)

LBAL is a company limited by guarantee that was established in 2017 by 16 members of Landex to facilitate the provision of high quality End Point Assessment of Apprenticeships. It operates through Lantra as the approved Awarding Organisation, and is managed under contract by Landex from its offices in Northampton.


NLBC was established by 30 members of Landex in 2015, and was launched by Agriculture Minister, George Eustice MP, in May 2016. It is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. NLBC is an employer focussed organisation, and was established to promote knowledge and skills as the focus for increasing the productivity of land based businesses. In partnership with City and Guilds, NLBC will seek to ensure that land based qualifications and courses are designed to meet the needs of both students and employers. NLBC is independent of Landex, but is currently managed from the Landex offices in Northampton.